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  • How to make the Perfect Chiffon Cake Base

    In other countries this may be referred to as Hong Kong paper wrapped buns. This is a combination of different recipes that I’ve amalgamated to make the recipe simple and easy to follow. If you’re looking for the best fluffy and soft chiffon base this is the recipe to follow. Ingredients – split in 2 parts Part 1 7 egg whites (free from oil or egg yolk – really important) 130g caster sugar 1/2 tsp cream of tartar Part 2[…]

  • Making Almond Flakes Cookie Crisps

    It was Chinese New Year a few weeks ago and we were at Hub’s parents. Hub’s brother’s girlfriend made some almond flakes cookie crisps and it went down really well…there was not enough to go around. I quite fancy loads to munch on myself so I decided to try to make some myself. Went web surfing and made some modification on the recipes I found. I then made a few batches and distributed to some friends to try. It was[…]

  • Making Gooseberry Almond Cake ( subs with...

    One summer we went strawberry picking with Ethan and found some gooseberries. I have never had gooseberries and decided to pick some to try…it was not until I’ve picked a large punnet, brought it home, washed them and pop it in my mouth…and then realised that you are not supposed to eat them raw! Instead of chucking the tangy fruit into the bin, I chucked it in a cake batter….and it worked a charm. I’ve been making it every summer[…]

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    Starting Your Very Own Herman Cake from Scratch

    Since my last post about Ethan receiving his friendly Herman Cake from Nursery, I have got a few requests on how to start your own friendly Herman Cake. If you can’t wait to be given Herman, you can start Herman yourself. Here is how. Ingredients 140 g shifted flour 200 g caster sugar 7 g yeast 280 mL warm milk 60 mL warm water Method Wake your yeast up by sprinkling the yeast into warm water. Leave to stand for[…]

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    Making Friendly Herman Cake

    10 days ago Ethan brought home Herman from nursery with some instructions on how to ‘take care’ of ‘him’. After taking care of Herman which includes daily conversation and a feeding session, today is the D-day to split Herman so Ethan can share Herman with his friends…It is also time to cook Herman…what excitement! Say Hello to Ethan’s oozing Herman! We split him last night and this morning found Herman trying to escape We turned the bubbling goo into yummy Herman[…]

  • 20120717-091139-AM.jpg

    Making Churros (Mexican Long Donuts)

    Another mummy day off for me as they boys are at nursery. I am counting down to the day that I will be starting work …. 6 more days … Has it been one year already since my maternity leave?! Where did the time go!…Flew away for time waits for no men! Am I looking forward to going back to work? Who am I kidding of course not. I will be missing my little men. Just thinking about it makes[…]

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    Making Shortbread (Green Tea)

    Ewan’s at nursery try-out giving me a few hours free to do as I pleased. I decided to take a nap, lay down for 10 minutes and was itching to do something else. Jane said the first thing she did when she was free from her kids were to have a long poo time! Classic Jane! I saw this recipe (lavender shortbread) from a cook book given to me on Christmas and decided to try making myself some green tea[…]

banana cake

What do you do when you are too busy to cook but not too busy to eat a good meal? You find ways to make your life easier without compromising your balance diet…this is one of my very easy yet yummy recipies, even my 3 (nearly 4) year-old can make it…some say Iam cheating as I am using prepack spice and ready puff sheets. Cheat or not, it is easy to make, yummy and a balance meal. Ingredients 500-700 g[…]

Joys of a Nursing Mum: Weaning

Posted by Setty On May - 16 - 2012 1 Comment

For most mothers chose to nurse their young, I bet you can not agree more when I say most mothers have worries about establishing nursing in the early days, then find it difficult to wean the baby off without baby screaming bloody murder! I am one of the mummies! Whilst searching the web on ‘How To’ I looked at the usual websites which helped and guided me in the early days….(La Leche League International , Breast Feeding Basics, Baby Centre)[…]

Making Beetroot Chinese Steamed Buns

Posted by Setty On May - 12 - 2012 0 Comment

It has been awhile since I posted anything. We have been busy…Ewan has started cruising and teething…so all hands on deck (or rather all hands on Ewan in my case). This recipe is similar to Making Spinach Chinese Steamed Buns….just swap the spinach for beetroot and adjust the liquid content as you mY not have to add any milk (I didn’t need to add milk in a few occassions) I used 1 whole pre cooked/steamed beetroots chopped in my Kenwood[…]

Review on My Food Processor (Kenwood Multi Pro)

Posted by Setty On May - 10 - 2012 1 Comment

Under construction One of my most used kitchen gadget! Though I must say some of the attachments are a waste of space. Stay tuned as I will try to describe all the attachments which apparently have 34 functions.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint – GO SOLAR

Posted by Setty On April - 28 - 2012 0 Comment

We are doing our bit for the planet by using clean renewable energy! After a good few weeks of pondering, calling around, making appointments, surveys, contract agreement, putting up scaffoldings, today is D-day that we finally have our solar panels installed and live…up and running! Hurray! Yes, solar panels don’t come cheap, but we got ours for FREE!…and yes, I did say FREE. Now we can reduce our electricity bills, hopefully by at least 50%! We will be using more[…]


After my experimental spinach bread pizza to add as much iron containing food into my boys’ diet…and the fact that they loved it…it is only natural that I try making beetroot bread base pizza…after all beetroot is supposedly good for the heart and has anti-aging nutrients! Ingredients and method is about the same as previously posted spinach bread pizza, only difference is that I use 150 g cooked beetroot instead of spinach. To prepare the beetroot, I blitz (chopped) the[…]

Making Tomato Sauce for Homemade Pizza

Posted by Setty On March - 28 - 2012 1 Comment

This is my garlicky tomato sauce. Pretty pungent on its own, but a match made in heaven when spread on pizza as the tomato base. Easy to make, just laborious to de-skin and de-seed the tomatoes. Well worth the effort. In fact, I make a big batch and store it in the freezer and defrost a portion when I make my pizzas. ; ; Ingredients 2 tbsp olive oil 1 large chopped onion 1 chopped garlic clove 6 large chopped,[…]


This is one of my boys’ favourite. I like making this knowing that I use loads of milk and my boys are drinking the ‘milk gravy’ containing loads of goodness and calcium for their growing bones…and to prevent brittle bones for us oldies! Here is how I make my white sauce also known as bechamel sauce where my boys (including Hubs) would drink it down and lick the plate clean each time.   Ingredients 37 g butter 37 g plain[…]


There is nothing like the smell and taste of freshly baked bread or pizza…simple food for the soul…comfort food. As bread is filled with carbs, I always do my best to add more nutrients to my fresh bread by adding ‘super food’ . Such ‘super food’ or food loaded with nutrients includes fresh/powdered milk, fortified milk/juice (soya, almond, oat milk etc), fresh spinach, peas, beetroot, carrot etc. Recently, I have been asked by friends and family to share my bread[…]


Last night I asked my 3 years old Ethan what he would like to cook for his dinner today. The options I gave him were 1. Sushi 2. Quiche 3. Pizza 4. Chicken pie Ethan told me he would like macaroni and cheese pizza! What a weird combo I thought and laughed …it looks like I will have to eat my words and it is Ethan who had the last laugh. Hubs was quite keen and seemed intriged with the[…]