Reducing Our Carbon Footprint – GO SOLAR

We are doing our bit for the planet by using clean renewable energy!

After a good few weeks of pondering, calling around, making appointments, surveys, contract agreement, putting up scaffoldings, today is D-day that we finally have our solar panels installed and live…up and running! Hurray! Yes, solar panels don’t come cheap, but we got ours for FREE!…and yes, I did say FREE.

Now we can reduce our electricity bills, hopefully by at least 50%! We will be using more of our induction hob rather than gas to cook for a start >¥

Hubs went all out to get an energy monitor and has been obsessed with it. Switching everything on and off to see how much electricity is used and calculating how much we safe if we turn the appliances off…oh well I guess it is all for the better to reduce our carbon footprint!

After the installation, the house’s energy efficiency rating has bumped up from Band D to Band C with a potential of moving to Band B. This ia ace as a higher Band means less running cost. It was estimated by the surveyor that we could save at least £408 over 3 years. Other recommendations to save more money and make the house more efficient includes:

Addition of floor insulation
Replacing boiler with new condensing boiler
Use solar water heating

Why don’t you do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Go solar
2. Turn things off completely rather than leaving them on standby…get an energy monitor to encourage yourself
3. Reduce waste, recycle (Ethan is the recycle king, going round the house to recycle things and even go through the bin to telling us off for throwing things and not recycling them)

You may be amazed that you may be saving yourself some dosh by reducing your carbon footprint!

If you are in UK, look up the Energy Saving Trust.

20120428-061902 PM.jpg

On this gloomy day, we have enough energy to run the fridge, bread maker, washing machine, oil-filled heater, tv and charging our phones, not forgetting the Pad-of-I! GO SOLAR!