Making Beetroot Chinese Steamed Buns

It has been awhile since I posted anything. We have been busy…Ewan has started cruising and teething…so all hands on deck (or rather all hands on Ewan in my case).

This recipe is similar to Making Spinach Chinese Steamed Buns….just swap the spinach for beetroot and adjust the liquid content as you mY not have to add any milk (I didn’t need to add milk in a few occassions) I used 1 whole pre cooked/steamed beetroots chopped in my Kenwood Food Processor. 

Beetroot is apparently good for the heart! So eat up! Ha Ha

For the filling, as I don’t have much time to make elaborate things these days, I placed a dollop of jam (any flavor, be it Nutella, lemon curd etc) to entice my boys (not that they need much encouragement to whollop the buns in minutes)!

20120512-083634 AM.jpg