We Are Back from our Excelent Trip to The Far East

After a little more than 20 hours (door to door) we finally arrived at our destination. We are now back in Leeds United Kingdom after a long one month away to Malaysia and Hong Kong with 4 great celebrations whilst we were away.

First it was the new year welcoming 2012 in Malaysia
Then we celebrate mum and dad’s Ruby 40th Anniversary
Then it was little bro’s wedding
and finally but not least we celebrated Chinese New Year or the Lunar year welcoming the Water Dragon of 2012 with our extended family.

Excelent trip! 

We came back to UK and was greated with 5 degrees C and some snow on the motorway and stacks of mail.

It was a great trip abeit exhausting. Still trying to unpack, clean the house and clear all the laundry with some jet lag.

Ethan said that he misses everyone in Malaysia, I am sure Ewan misses everyone too and all the attention and fuss he got as he seems to be looking around and smiles when he hears mum and dad’s voice on the phone. Bless them little nuggets!