Making Homemade Pizza from Scratch (Beetroot bread base)

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After my experimental spinach bread pizza to add as much iron containing food into my boys’ diet…and the fact that they loved it…it is only natural that I try making beetroot bread base pizza…after all beetroot is supposedly good for the heart and has anti-aging nutrients!

Ingredients and method is about the same as previously posted spinach bread pizza, only difference is that I use 150 g cooked beetroot instead of spinach.

To prepare the beetroot, I blitz (chopped) the beetroot in my food processor, add a little of water to get 125 mL juice I require to make the TangZhong. The rest of the beetroot, I place in a measuring cup and make up to volume (150 mL) with water.20120328-114359 PM.jpg

Feeling adventurous, I even made stuffed crust pizza, by placing mozzarella cheese on the side and rolled the dough to enclose the cheese. It was yummy!

Ingredients for making beetroot pizza bread
150 mL beetroot juice including pulp from approx 150 g cooked chopped beetroot (steamed, liquidised beetroot made up to 150 mL with water/milk or milk substitute)
1 egg
110g to 120g TangZhong (made using 25 g bread flour, I use wholemeal bread flour and 125 ml beetroot juice, I bought cooked beetroot)20120328-114306 PM.jpg
25 ml olive oil
1 tsp salt (optional, I don’tadd salt)
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp dried basil
1 tsp rosemarry
1 tsp Italian mix herbs20120328-114318 PM.jpg
360g bread flour
90g self-raising flour
6 g instant yeast

For method, refer to previous post on making spinach bread base pizza.

For tomato sauce for pizza click here.


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