Making Almond Flakes Cookie Crisps

It was Chinese New Year a few weeks ago and we were at Hub’s parents. Hub’s brother’s girlfriend made some almond flakes cookie crisps and it went down really well…there was not enough to go around.

I quite fancy loads to munch on myself so I decided to try to make some myself.

Went web surfing and made some modification on the recipes I found. I then made a few batches and distributed to some friends to try. It was a hit and friends started to ask for the recipe, so here it is:


2 large eggs with egg white and york sperated (egg york is not required for this recipie – save it to make something else :))
60g caster sugar
50g plain flour (‘ve used self raising, think plain flour is crispier)
50g Almond flakes
25g melted butter (I’ve used diary free margarine – I can’t taste the difference)


1. Beat egg white and sugar till sugar dissolved and bubbly (you can use a hand whisk or an electric whisk, I used the latter)
2. Add flour, almond flakes and melted butter, and combine well with a spoon. Leave it to rest in the fridge so it thickens a little (I’ve left it overnight before to save time).
3. Spoon about 0.5 teaspoon batter onto a non-stick baking sheet (1 teaspoon if you prefer bigger crisps, I make mine smaller as my munchkins have smaller mouths and as they are soooo crispy the cookies break as you bite into them …making a mess…best to make bite size portions) . If your so called ‘non-stick baking sheet is rubbish and sticks, spray or spread a thin layer of butter/oil on the sheet before spooning the batter.

4. Spread the batter as thinly as you can with the back of your spoon or dab it with your fingers. Don’t make it too thick, it is nicer when the crisps are wafer thin.
5. Bake them in a pre-heated (mine is fan assisted) oven at 150C at the lower rack for approximately 14-16mins or until all evenly golden brown (rotate the tray for few times for even browning if required).These crisps are amazing.
Try it and enjoy!