Ruby Anniversary (40 years of marriage)

Today is a big day, my ‘baby’ brother (YH) and my parents are currently on their way to Melaka to deliver/offer some gifts to YH’s bride to be and her family. On top of that, today is also my parents’ 40 years wedding anniversary.

Four decades together through good and bad times. I couldn’t help but chuckled when dad said to mum with a big cheesy grin last night “Ling, we have been quarreling for 40 years” . They have been true to each other upholding their most sacred vows to each other and have been (and still are) the world greatest parents. Happy Anniversary mum and dad, wishing you many many more anniversaries to come.

My best wishes to YH and my new sister-in law, may they have a very happy life together and celebrating many many more wedding anniversaries together in the future.