About Settys Life @ Home…and


I love to create a league…lets call it


Albeit …

a single parent working full-time,

a parent working full-time at work

a parent working full-time at home as a house-parent

a parent working away from home – long distance

As a parent, lets face it… we do extraordinary things to keep our lives organised around our child(ren)..

Like my mother and my mother’s mother…and my father and my father’s father (you get the gist) …I am a working parent myself. I work full time with 2 lovely munchkins (Big E and Little E) and a very understanding hubby (Hubs who also works full time).

Let me start of by admitting that I was a very private person who did not like to disclose my personal information, until I had Little E few years back. Hubs pointed out that as private as I want to be, my information and pictures are already on the WWW posted not only by myself but by my friends on blogs, facebook sites etc…so I thought what the heck, having a blog is no big deal and not such a bad idea. It helped me to fill my time and connect to the world when I was on maternity leave…so this is how the blog was started.

I work in the pharmaceutical industry and I am a part time *assassin* (LOL…I swat mosquitoes). I am a scientist at heart, I even cook (experimental dishes) and clean (nearly non existence, but if I do it often involves vinegar) like a scientist. During my last maternity leave, I have started experimenting with some interesting healthy concoction (beetroot noodles and spinach pizza to name a couple) to feed my lovelies.

To prevent my experimental dishes from being lost, I decided to post it on the web…lets face it, we have all been guilty of writing recipes (or altering original recipes) on scraps of paper with them disappearing into another dimension and never to be found again. I have that problem, in fact I am convinced that I have little gnomes who keep my things (odd socks included) in a magic invisible box.

I have a confession, since I rejoin the rat race after my maternity leave, things have been so hectic, with weaning, Little E learning to walk, Big E going to Big Boy School, Little E learning to talk, potty training etc etc, I have not been posting new feeds for nearly 2 years!

Life’s hectic, alot of new experimental recipes tried and tested….and lost (most unfortunate …or appearing in another dimension or being kept safe by the gnomes in their magic invisible box!)…any hoooo…I have a few recipies that I don’t want it to disappear again and friends have been asking me for it….so to make everyone’s life a doodle…I have decided to start posting them again.

Please bear with me, working full time and wanting to spend with my lovelies in their waking moment means that 24 hours a day is never enough….and this may slow me down with posts but it is worth the wait :)…also, my apologies for ‘fat finger moments’ (typos) as I do tend to rush these posts through before my sheet is magically grabbed by gnomes.

The recipes I posted have all been tried and tested with fussy eaters and my in house food  connoisseurs…best of all…as time is precious, the recipes are quick and easy to make!

That’s me in a nutshell, blogging to keep my recipes safe from gnomes. Enjoy.

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