Making Homemade Pizza from Scratch (Macaroni and Cheese Pizza) with Spinach Bread

Last night I asked my 3 years old Ethan what he would like to cook for his dinner today. The options I gave him were
1. Sushi
2. Quiche
3. Pizza
4. Chicken pie

Ethan told me he would like macaroni and cheese pizza! What a weird combo I thought and laughed …it looks like I will have to eat my words and it is Ethan who had the last laugh. Hubs was quite keen and seemed intriged with the idea of having macaroni and cheese pizza! Ethan was singing Barney’s or rather Baby Bob’s macaroni and cheese song the whole night, he was so excited, bless him. So we made MACARONI AND CHEESE PIZZA today ….and it was delicious! So good that we will make this again….and this will surely stay in our family ‘dinner menu’ …another successful yummy experiment!…This time thanks to Ethan’s creative palate!

We cooked the whole day (with long breaks in between for some other fun stuffs)

First we made white sauce for the macaroni and cheese (recipe and method is linked)…and we boiled some macaroni.
Then we made the tomato sauce for the pizza (recipe and method is linked).
Then about 1 hour before dinner, we made the bread base…we made spinach bread! The basic recipe and method for the bread is from my previous post with some additions.
Once the bread had proofed or prooved…not sure which, we slap on the toppings starting with the tomato sauce leaving the cheese til last and drizzled with olive oil before it goes into the oven.

For toppings, Ethan had loads of mushrooms (his fav), cheese (we had chedddar and 2 types of mozarella), ham, olives, prosciutto, cherry plum tomatoes, sweet bell pepper, caramelised red onion, fresh basel, fresh spinach.

This batch should feed about 4 adults (unless you are big eaters) ..we made 1 portion of macaroni and cheese pizza, 1 portion of prosciutto, tomato, olive and spinach pizza and 2 portions of mushroom, pepper and ham pizza.


Ingredients for making spinach pizza bread
150 mL spinach juice including pulp from approx 150 g fresh spinach (steamed, liquidised spinach made up to 150 mL with water/milk or milk substitute)
1 egg
110g to 120g TangZhong (made using 25 g bread flour, I use wholemeal bread flour and 125ml spinach juice, I use water used to steam spinach)
25 ml olive oil
1 tsp salt (optional, I don’tadd salt)
1 tbsp sugar 
1 tbsp dried basil
1 tsp rosemarry
1 tsp Italian mix herbs
360g bread flour
90g self-raising flour
6 g instant yeast

Note if making plain pizza bread, just substitute spinach juice with water or milk.

Method for making spinach pizza bread

 I use my bread maker following the manufacturer’s instruction. Basically, I add the ingredients as per the sequence listed above.

For manual method, refer to my new post on Making Homemade Bread or Pizza Without a Bread Maker or Dough Hook.

I assemble the ingredients and bake it at 170 degrees C with my fan assisten oven for 15 to 20 minutes.