Making Non-diary Soft Bread (containing TangZhong with variations including spinach juice, carrot juice and beethroot juice)

Hui Lin, this is specially for you. Adapted this recipe to make soft TangZhong bread without any diary products….for those who are not bothered whether its diary free or not, or maybe it is more like “depending on what you have in your pantry/fridge” lol, you can use milk and butter for this recipe.

Using this recipe, I have managed to make pizza bread. Please look at my Making Pizza from Scratch posts (spinach pizza bread and beetroot pizza bread)


140 to 150 g milk substitute for dairy free version (e.g. Water, soya milk, spinach juice, carrot juice, beetroot juice) or use milk for dairy version
1 egg
110 g to 120 g TangZhong (made using 25g bread flour and 125 ml liquid water/milk/ juice etc)
25 ml cooking oil, can use sunflower oil, olive oil, etc. (or 25 g butter for dairy version)
1 tsp salt (optional)
30 to 50 g sugar (if making plain loaf, 30 g is sufficient)
360 g bread flour
90 g self-raising flour
6 g yeast


I used my bread maker to mix and knead prior to first proofing.

For manual method, refer to this post Making homemade bread without a bread make or dough hook.

To prepare the spinach, carrot and beetroot juice, I steam the vege until soft to touch (10 to 20 mins) using my Avent combined steamer and blender. I then drain the water and use to make TangZhong. The blended vege is made to volume with soya milk or fresh milk or water to 150 mL.