Making Pirate’s Fish Pie

20120313-095115 PM.jpgI made fish cakes last week and porched the fish in milk. It seems an awful waste to pour the milk away so I made some white sauce (Recipe for white sauce). To use last weeks white sauce, I made a fish pie for dinner today.

I called it Pirate’s Fish Pie because the pie resembles a pirate’s treasure chest, it has golden nuggets (sweetcorn), rubies (soft carrot chunks), emerald (peas) and pearls (chunks of white fish). The perfect food for our resintial pirates. Aaarrrrrr! Ethan and Ewan loved it!

The pie has a cheesy mash topping made with potatoes, sweet potato and carrots. Below the mash, there was a layer of cheese, loads of peas, sweetcorn and white boneless fish swimming in a generous serving of white sauce. It is really yummy even with no added salt or sugar, just a small pinch of white pepper…you must try this.20120313-095141 PM.jpg

Very healthy and delicious even for a fussy weaning baby and a fussy toddler!
The ‘captain of the ship’ (hubs) has placed an order for another fish pie for next week!


20120320-095922 PM.jpg
900 mL fresh milk
2 to 4 Bay leaves
37 g butter
37 g plain flour
x g Fish fillets (6 fillets of cod and/or haddock and/or salmon…I used 3 types of fish in a pie as well as one type of fish for variation)
800 g potatoes (approximate weight)
1  large sweet potato
5 large carrots
100 g sweetcorn (tinned)
100 g garden peas (frozen)
1 tbsp chives
1 tbsp flatleaf parsley
5 slices of Diarylea cheese (approx 125 g)
100 g grated cheese

 Method…still writting



20120313-095341 PM.jpg