Snowing in Feb! Its Christmas Again Mum

20120205-053645 PM.jpgOne week back from our extended holiday to Malaysia and Hong Kong, we are now back to the cold weather in UK. It snowed last night and Ethan was very excited, “yay, mum it’s snowing. It is Christmas again!”. So he dashed out to look for Santa because he missed Santa in December. Bless the little nugget.

Ethan is banned from playing in the snow today because he had a fever last night. He went with me to our neighbours’ yesterday evening (yes, it was snowing) to pass some goodies from Malaysia …and could not resist the snow and made A SNOWBALL (yes just one) and he fell ill that night.

Not able to play outside or build a snowman, Ethan asked daddy to make one for him under his watchful eyes…Hubs snowmEn for Ethan :). I know both snowmEn did not look anything like our round head and round body conventional snow person…but ita a snowman (or two snowmEn) for proud Ethan nonetheless, “Mum look! Dad is HARD and POWERFUL, he made me TWO snowmans without wearing gloves”.

20120205-053537 PM.jpg

20120205-053553 PM.jpg