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Making Homemade Carrot, Spinach, Beetroot, Pea, Pumpkin and Egg Noodles

Thanks to cousin Polly who ignited my love of making noodles! Polly posted some lovely pictures and a recipe from a chinese blog on how to make noodles which reminded me of my mummy’s noodles. Mum used to make egg noodles which we called ‘mien fun kuih’ or ‘mien fun char gor’. In Malaysia, restaurants, peddlers or hawkers named it ‘pan mien’.

I bought a pasta machine to make noodles a decade ago and left it in a dark corner of the cupboard (used less than 10 times throughout the decade), today, excited with Polly’s lovely noodle pictures, I decided to make some noodles. Ewan was well behaved whilst I was on my mission!

Oh, remember this rule, recipe posted is a guide, if the dough is too wet, just add flour…you will need a lot of flour to stop the noodles sticking 🙂


170 g Bread flour
30 g Self-raising flour or plain flour
( you can use 200 g plain flour or 200g self-raising flour….whatever you have!)

60 to 90 g veg of choice (carrot or spinach or beetroot juice or pumpkin or pea)
2 g salt (optional, I tend not put salt if feeding baby Ewan)
1 egg
0-90 ml water (you may need to make your own judgement on this as it depends on how ‘wet’ is your veg

Pre cook (boil or steam hard veg like carrots, pumpkin, peas). I buy pre cooked beetroot.
Place veg in food processor
If you have a bread machine, place all ingredients in the bread maker and use the pasta function.
If you have a food processor, just place all ingredients, blitz, remove and knead with hands. I used my food processor as I find it easier to blitz the veg and add flour straight in.
Keep an eye on water content.
Once mixed, let the dough rest for at least 30 mins and shape.

Easy but can be messy!
During shaping, remember to coat the surface with loads of flour or the noodles will stick.
Honestly, I think instead of using a pasta machine, it is easier to make the noodles into shapes by hand…like how mum used to do it.
Freshly made noodles can be stored in an airtight container and frozen.
Frozen noodles can be used (boiled) immediately without having to thow the beauties.

I left the noodles to dry a little before storing them for later.

For dinner tonight, I boiled the carrot, spinach and beetroot noodles before stir frying them with some oil, garlic and juice from my beef casserole (I made casserole for dinner as well). Both boys loved it. Hubs was munching away quietly, I took it he was enjoying his dinner.


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