Starting Your Very Own Herman Cake from Scratch

Since my last post about Ethan receiving his friendly Herman Cake from Nursery, I have got a few requests on how to start your own friendly Herman Cake. If you can’t wait to be given Herman, you can start Herman yourself. Here is how.

140 g shifted flour
200 g caster sugar
7 g yeast
280 mL warm milk
60 mL warm water

Wake your yeast up by sprinkling the yeast into warm water. Leave to stand for about 10 minutes and stir.
Add sugar, stir and add flour and stir again.
Add milk slowly mixing thoroughly.
Cover Herman with a clean cloth and let him rest for 24 hours at room temperature.
Herman is ready for his 10 days cycle after the 24 hour rest

 Refer to my previous post for instructions on how to take care of Herman.

Have fun with Herman! Now you can share Herman with your friends 🙂  Will it spread like an epidemic (a good one of course, don’t want to offend Herman)? Tell me about it!