Making Friendly Herman Cake

10 days ago Ethan brought home Herman from nursery with some instructions on how to ‘take care’ of ‘him’. After taking care of Herman which includes daily conversation and a feeding session, today is the D-day to split Herman so Ethan can share Herman with his friends…It is also time to cook Herman…what excitement!

20120826-090600 PM.jpg

Say Hello to Ethan’s oozing Herman! We split him last night and this morning found Herman trying to escape 🙂

We turned the bubbling goo into yummy Herman cake.


 Ethan’s Herman is made of Herman himself, 100 g almond flakes, a handfull of cranberries, 1 chopped apple, 2 tbsp cinnamon powder, 3 eggs, 150 g caster sugar, 150 g sifted flour and 100 mL sunflower oil. We split Herman into 2 baking tins and baked Herman at 180 degrees C (fan oven) for about 33 minutes.


 Here are the original instructions that came with Herman!…Lazy to type it out. If you can’t read it drop me a quick line and I will type it out 🙂 

 20120826-090814 PM.jpg

 Here is Ethan chopping the apples and stirring Herman whilst talking and singing to him.20120826-090626 PM.jpg Yes, Ethan sang to Herman daily and I find it hillarous that Ethan choose to talk about the weather and asked Herman how was his day! 

20120826-090615 PM.jpg

Between you and me, Herman smelt of sweet alcohol probably from the fermentation process. Herman cake tasted like fruit cake (reminds me of Christmas brandy fruit cakes). Oh well, at least Ethan and Herman were happy. Bless Herman, he is such a friendly cake.

We had such fun, we kept another Herman so that we can grow more to share with more of Ethan’s friends.

If you recently received Herman, do drop me a line to tell me how you are getting on with your Herman will ya! Enjoy.  

Oh, if you can’t wait for someone to give your Herman, you can start your own Herman. Refer to my post on how to start your own Herman.