Making Churros (Mexican Long Donuts)

Another mummy day off for me as they boys are at nursery. I am counting down to the day that I will be starting work …. 6 more days …

Has it been one year already since my maternity leave?! Where did the time go!…Flew away for time waits for no men!

Am I looking forward to going back to work? Who am I kidding of course not. I will be missing my little men. Just thinking about it makes me miss them….but on the other hand, I am in need of some sanity…back to the big big world….where it involves other things other than nappy changing and feeding the kids and hubs.

Dont get me wrong, being at home taking care of the boys is very rewarding, I would love to be a stay at home mum, but also loved to be a working mum…can’t have it all can we…just take a day at a time, they boys will have new activities, fun, learn new things, make friends and do all sorts of awsomely fun messy play which I would not allow them to do at home. At nursery, they get to play with sand and water indoors in the middle of winter, squashing jelly on trays, finger painting with paint, tomato sauce and chocolate etc. Ethan even got to bake at nursery and make a mess without me telling him off for flinging flour everywhere.

Yesterday, after nursery Ethan and I made churros also known as Mexican long donuts. It was yummy, not too sweet to make him jump off the roof. Fun and easy to make and filled his belly during snack time when he was peckish. Posted the pictures on Facebook and got some interest. So here it is Jane and Polly, the easiest churros recipe. Enjoy!

50 g caster sugar
2 tsp ground cinnamon
(for coating the hot fresh churros, yum)

150 g plain flour (or self raising flour if that is all you have)
1 tsp baking powder
15 mL olive oil
250 freshly boiled water
500 mL vegetable oil for frying (approximate)


  1. Place the sugar and ground cinnamon in a big container and mix by shaking (do a little dance if you like).
  2. Mix the flour and baking powder in a heat proof bowl.
  3. Beat in olive oil and the freshly boiled water. Keep mixing until you have a warm sticky dough.
  4. Let it rest for about 10 minutes or for as long as it takes for your frying oil to heat up.
  5. To cook the churros, heat up the frying oil in a saucepan (oil level should be approximately 1/3 way up the sides of the pan.
  6. To check oil temperature without an oil thermometer – like me! toss a small piece of bread into the oil. if it turns brown in 30 seconds you are ready to go.20120717-091158 AM.jpg
  7. Load a piping bag with a large star nozzle (8mm) and fill it with your churro dough.
  8. Squeeze approx 1.5 to 2 inch dough into the hot oil (or make it however short ot long you like) snipping the end with a pair of scissors as you go. You can also make funny shapped ones.
  9. They are ready when they turn golden brown, fish them with tongs or chopsticks or slotted spon even and place them on paper towel to blot off the oil.20120717-101120 AM.jpg
  10. To keep your Churros warm, place it on a baking sheet into a preheated oven (175 degrees C)….we didn’t bother with this step as we want ed it to cool down as fast as possible so we could tuck in.
  11. Rest the churros for about 10 minutes to allow the inside to set and so it doesn’t burn your mouth and throat.
  12. Place the warm churros in the container containing sugar and cinnamon and ‘shake it all about, you do the hookey pookey dance’ and that’s all about!Make a choc dipping sauce and you will be dancing to another song Ha HaNote: if you find that your batter is abit runny, just add a little more flour…