Making ‘Chocolate’ and Plain Soya Pudding (TauFoo Fa, Tofu Fa, Daufa, Soya Bean Curd / Jelly)

Soy bean pudding or soy bean curd desert also known as douhua, tafu fa , etc is traditionally made with calcium salt (gypsum) to coagulate the soya milk. I found this recipe on the WWW using gelatin to curdle/solidify the soya milk (instead of gypsum) by chance, made it a few times as the boys loves it. I have made this lovely pudding with homemade soya milk using dried soya beans, carton soya milk and even chocolate flavored soya milk, quite enjoyable. Putting the title as chocolate tofu fa may throw a spin on this traditional soya milk pudding.

Here is the recipe (originally from the aunty from Wantanmien).

1 L soya milk (homemade or carton soya milk, can also use choc flavored soya milk etc)
40 g sugar (optional)
9 g gelatin (I have also used up to 18 g gelatin, it is obvious or perhaps not to some :P, the more you use, your pudding will be ‘more solid’)
75 ml of cold water (if adding up to 18 g gelatin, I used 100 ml cold water)

1 . Sprinkle gelatin into a bowl or cup containing 75 mL of cold water. Place the bowl or cup into a water bath to melt the gelatin for about 10 minutes. Do not stir.
2 . Place sugar and soya milk in a pot, gently simmer the liquid to dissolve the sugar. Do not boil.
3 . Remove soya milk from the fire, stir the gelatin and slowly pour into the milk whilst stirring or whisking. Ensure the gelatin is mixed well.
4 . Return liquid to the fire and simmer to dissolve the gelatin. Stir continuously.
5 . Pour the milk into a container through a sift   
6 . Remove froth or bubbles
7 . Leave to cool down
8 . Place a piece of cloth on the lid, cover the pudding and let it set overnight in the fridge.

 There you have it! Easy Peasy!

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