Making Chinese Steam Cake (Ma Lai Go)

Hubs been craving for this cake for weeks. He kept bugging me asking if I could squeeze in my busy daily routine to make this cake, lol. So I finally gave in and made him one. It was gone in one sitting. Very soft, moist and yummy.

2 eggs
120 g brown sugar (I use unrefined brown sugar)
20 g custard powder
100 g self-raising flour
50 ml milk
4 tsp cream soda (you can use 7-up, sprite)
3 tsp baking powder
50 g melted butter or 50 mL cooking oil (I tried using one or the other and it worked, so whatever you have)

1 . Beat the eggs at high-speed for about 3 minutes
2 . Add sugar slowly into the egg and mix at high-speed for a total of 5 minutes
3 . Add custard powder and mix carefully for about 30 times
4 . Add milk and mix carefully for about 20 times
5 . Leave aside to rest for 2 hours, covered with cling film
6. Get the steamer ready with boiling water
7. When the steamer is ready, mix soda water into baking powder, stir quickly and add into the batter and  mix for about 7 times.
8 . Add oil/butter into the batter mixture. Stir carefully and evenly for about 10 times.
9. Pour into lined cake tin and steam. Cover the lid of the steamer with cloth to prevent water condensation dripping onto your cake.
10. Steam for 30 minutes and best enjoyed whilst it is warm.


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