Baby Weaning at 6 Months: Signs that baby is ready to take on solids

Ewan with Mum's Blueberry and Apple Compot

We waited and waited. Ewan is finally 6 months old…it’s time to try him on solid food. We will be busy trying loads of baby food! Exciting times!

We watched for the classic signs of Ewan being ready for solids

  • 1 ) Started demanding for more milk in the day and at night
  • 2 ) Grabs our hands when we are eating, pulling it towards his mouth
  • 3 ) Smacks his lips when watching us eat and drool
  • 4 ) Could hold and control his head high up
  • 5 ) Able to sit up straight when supported

Ewan’s first few meals we tried baby rice mixed with mummy’s milk in the evening for a few days and moved on to steamed and mashed carrots mixed with baby rice and milk. We also tried Ewan on steamed mashy peas, pumpkins, strawberry with banana, roasted sweet potatoes.

We noticed that Ewan’s a natural. He seems to have skip Stage 1 of eating smooth mushy food and knows how to chew. So moving on to slightly lumpy food within days, Hubs made some ‘baby’ lasagna today i.e. no added salt or sugar…all natural vege goodness. Yummy.

Ewan also loves my Silver Thread Man Tou (Chinese Steamed Buns with Old Dough)!

In the next few days I will be sharing my Baby Weaning Gadgets…the same gadgets which helped me through weaning Ethan years ago:

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