The Big Move

It’s been hectic for the past couple of months. First it was the big decision to move, then the process of house viewing, negotiation, solicitors, packing…not forgetting the moving on the actual day, fittings and redecorating the new house and the what seems like the never ending unpacking. Gosh, do we really have that much stuff?

In the mist of it all, the two boys had chicken pox….there is never a good time to be ill, but at least they have it over and done with.

Since my last post, Ewan has learnt to crawl, cruising confidently and even learnt to climb stairs and onto Ethan’s trampoline for a little jump! Busy busy 6 weeks!

We are more or less settled into our lovely new house, more to do…will do it slowly.

I will definitely try to write more posts as I know I still owe a few posts previously promised to friends and family. I have not forgotten them. Apologies for my absence.

Despite all which may seem chaotic, I think I was not too stressed out….mainly because hubby and I decided that we will get professional movers to move our things on the day! OK this may seem a given. …we have moved many times in the past, but we have always hired a van or truck and did our own move….we were younger and more energetic them 🙂 This time hubby and I did not lift a finger to carry anything on the day. It was brilliant. The removing man even carried Ethan’s wrapped up Birthday present with care. They were superb.

There was a choice for the removing man to do the packing and moving or we do the packing and they do the moving. We went for the latter….mainly so we know what we put in each box and only overselves to blame if we can’t find anything later.

If you are looking for a good remover company round where we are, we don’t mind recommending them. Drop me a line.

One moving tip from us….Pack and label your boxes, get a removing company to move your stuff for a pleasant and relatively stress free moving experience!

Ethan still says he misses the old house, but I know he is loving the new more spacious new house…Alan was a little sad to leave our old ‘home’ as it was where we started our family and where we had our two boys, but home is where the heart is and our heart is with our family. Loving our new HOME!

P/s Mum, here are a couple of shots of our new home as requested  o(^v^)o

20120626-074551 PM.jpg