One Sleep Away before Our Exciting Long Journey to the Far East

It is now one sleep away before my 5 months old baby (Ewan) and myself will be starting our 18 hour journey to Malaysia via Dubai with Emirates. This will be Ewan’s first trip away, first time on the aeroplane and first time away from hubs and Ethan…It is also my first time flying with Emirates.

Ethan will be staying back with hubs for 2 weeks before they will be joining Ewan and myself in Malaysia. The four of us will then fly to Hong Kong. Talking about world travellers, we probably take the plane more often that taking the bus….seriously!

Am I nuts for taking Ewan on my own? 3 years back I probably won’t do it with my eldest.

I am so very excited…can’t sleep or am I bracing myself for the long and tiring journey, no doubt, at the end of the journey, when we do eventually reach our destination, it will all be worthwhile!

My experience travelling with Emirates and what I prepared when travelling with a baby and a toddler.