Making Sushi

Here is my little chef making sushi. He wanted to make square and rectangular sushi so I didn’t bother with the sushi rolling mat. We have a pretty neat contraption where it makes square and rectangular sushi. It is so easy to use even my 3 years old can do it.

This sushi box is literally a box where you places the sushi filling between 2 layers of rice (top and bottom), sandwiched and compressed together. Once compressed, we can make ISO (In Side Out) sushi or maki sushi. I even used it to compress rice to make nigiri. We got this as a gift from Ethan’s aunty London, pretty neat.

We prepared all sorts of fillings: Crab sticks, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, apple with salad cream, smoked salmon, avocado, sweet egg, cucumber, sweet pepper, tuna and myo…in fact I prepared too much fillings and not enough rice!