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You know Christmas is definitely round the corner when nativities have begun. At Ethan’s very first nativity,  I noticed a couple of amazing things: 1) Excellent use of tea towels! 2) 3 years old toddlers CAN be quiet and CAN stay in one place for at least 30 minutes (truly gobsmacked, I need to learn how to keep them that way!) Aren’t they cute!        

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So it’s December and the countdown has begun. We took out the Christmas tree from the attic last week (yes we use a plastic tree….we like to save the planet!)  and Ethan helped putting it up. Its only a little tree that I bought 10 years ago when I was a student and do not have the heart to replace it with a bigger tree (lots of sentimental values, I am a sucker for that). Christmas shopping is nearly done, not[…]