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In other countries this may be referred to as Hong Kong paper wrapped buns. This is a combination of different recipes that I’ve amalgamated to make the recipe simple and easy to follow. If you’re looking for the best fluffy and soft chiffon base this is the recipe to follow. Ingredients – split in 2 parts Part 1 7 egg whites (free from oil or egg yolk – really important) 130g caster sugar 1/2 tsp cream of tartar Part 2[…]

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This is my ‘baby’ brother’s favourite (though he is not really a baby anymore –at 30 years of age this year!). I remember the first time he gave me a piece of cotton cheese cake (Japanese Cheesecake)  from the night market in Malaysia saying that it’s the best cake ever. I must admit, I did fall in love with it even with the conscious thought that it contains loads of cheese i.e. calories! This cheesecake is slightly different than your[…]

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Sausage buns and rolls are Ethan’s favourite. He loves the fact that he can do abit of ‘treasure’ digging, digging the sausages out to eat first and leaving the bread for dessert!  This is another variety of sausage buns.   Ingredients for Sausage Buns (makes 15 large buns)  For dough, refer to ingredients to make Pai Bao and 15 cooked frankfurter sausages (lightly boiled and drained), sesame seeds for garnishing (optional)   Method: To make the dough, refer to the methods described[…]