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Under construction One of my most used kitchen gadget! Though I must say some of the attachments are a waste of space. Stay tuned as I will try to describe all the attachments which apparently have 34 functions.

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I bought a Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender despite Hubs protest when I was weaning Ethan 3 years ago. I am glad I did as I think it’s an awesome gadget. It makes superb nutritious food for baby and non babies with just a flip and a couple of knob twisting! After making Ethan’s baby food (3 years ago), the gadget was not kept in the dark in the corner of the kitchen…NO SIREE! The Combined Steamer and Blender[…]

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Since posting pictures of my homemade bread on Facebook and on this website, I have had tones of request from friends and family asking me to disclose my ‘bready’ secrets especially the brand and model of the breadmaker that I am using. Well here are my ‘secrets’: Secret 1: I use TangZhong to make bread Secret 2: I use my breadmaker to do the hard work (mixing and initial kneading and proofing) (now it’s not a secret anymore!) Review on[…]