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Under construction One of my most used kitchen gadget! Though I must say some of the attachments are a waste of space. Stay tuned as I will try to describe all the attachments which apparently have 34 functions.

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We are doing our bit for the planet by using clean renewable energy! After a good few weeks of pondering, calling around, making appointments, surveys, contract agreement, putting up scaffoldings, today is D-day that we finally have our solar panels installed and live…up and running! Hurray! Yes, solar panels don’t come cheap, but we got ours for FREE!…and yes, I did say FREE. Now we can reduce our electricity bills, hopefully by at least 50%! We will be using more[…]

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During my one month confinement period after giving birth to Ewan (this is a normal practice for Chinese cultures to protect the newborn baby and mother after birth), my mother was with us helping out and pampering me. Part of mummy’s pampering regimen includes making special soup and highly nutritious food which involved a lot of boiling, double boiling, simmering, slow cooking stews and steaming. Hubs being the electrical engineer he is, started to think of a more efficient way,[…]

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All kids love play dough, mine is no exception. There is no cheaper way than making your own. These lovely homemade dough¬†keeps Ethan¬†occupied for hours while I make dinner or bake. They are made from ‘non-toxic’ food ingredients and preserved with salt. Just keep the dough in air tight containers and they can lasts for months. For budding artists, you can use them as modelling clays. My little artist would make little figurines, leave them to dry and harden, then[…]